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16 Hours of CE Credits

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What you'll learn

This is a comprehensive start to finish All-On-X course. You will learn how to master the following: diagnosing, selling, planning, surgical and restorative phases, analog and digital workflows, fully guided workflows, and maintenance. You will be updated with the latest techniques and materials to simplify the process. We will provide you a streamlined workflow, including conservative approaches for the less experienced, and tips and tricks for advanced clinicians to improve your skillset.

What to Expect

This is a 2-day course with some of the brightest minds in Full arch surgical and digital principles. You will receive hands on experience with the surgical and digital aspects of full arch dentistry: from full arch guide design to surgical principles. You will leave with the confidence to plan and execute high level cases immediately in your practice.

Come and be inspired by what’s possible within your own practice and realize tremendous profitability and fulfillment by completing the most complex cases. Join us and network with some of the brightest clinicians in our industry.

Hands on implant model guided surgery with Neodent (Models, guides, and implants provided)

Hands on Surgical guide design with Blue Sky Bio (Gaming computers provided)

Surgical guide printing and processing with Sprintray


Digital dentistry changes FAST — and the last few years have brought the fastest changes and biggest growth that digital dentistry has ever seen. And it’s continuing to speed up.

We’re entering a new generation, so now more than ever, we need to come together to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in digital dentistry.

And the best place to do that is at Full-Arch Protocols in March, happening live and in-person on
March 3 – 4, 2022 in Chandler, Arizona.

If you’re a seasoned dentist, have a few years under your belt or just got out of dental school, you’re going to love this.

Real Experience

Anyone could fumble around and try to learn this stuff themselves, but smart dentists look for shortcuts and we know you’re smart. Hop on the fast track to using Digital Dentistry at the highest level. After two days, you’ll be way ahead of your competition and your patients will be ecstatic.

Real Guidance

Great content is helpful, but applying it in real time makes all the difference. We support you all the tools you need: Updated computers with the software you need along with guidance as you need it. You’ll be working in parallel along with us and if you get stuck you won’t be stuck for long.

Full Access

Learn how to impress your patients and get great results with Digital Dentistry

2 Days LIVE experience

Full Workstations

16 Hours of CE Credits

The Proverus Team

Dr. Ross and Dr. Borisov have spent years perfecting the art and science of digital dentistry and practice growth in Arizona and New Mexico. Come along as they share their secrets to extraordinary success.

Meet the Marquez Brothers

Dr. Nestor Marquez and Dr. Diego Marquez are at the highest level of dentistry. With their unmatched skills in art, surgery, psychology and fun they’ll be sure to exceed your expectations and show you things you’ve never seen before.

Real Experience


1. The Delicacies of the Arches

2. Prosthetic Considerations Before and After Surgery

3. Anatomical Landmarks and Surgical Techniques

4. Immediate Loading Maxilla & Mandible


1. The Digital Surgical Phase

2. Digital Case Planning

3. Full Arch Surgical Guides

4. Digital Full Arch Restorative

5. 3D Printed Full Arch Temporaries

Deeper on
What You'll Learn

Diagnosing full arch dentistry:

Learn to recognize and find these profitable cases in your practice

Planning full arch cases:

Using digital workflows to plan the safest and most optimal outcomes

Full arch surgery:

Both freehand and guided workflows to execute the highest surgical precision

Immediate loading:

Send the patient home with a brand new smile and create raving fans of life changing dentistry

Hands on surgical guide creation:

Design and print full arch surgical guides from start to finish

Tips and tricks:

Understand the secrets and common frustrations in freehand and guided surgery


Learn how to overcome common complications in full arch cases

Restorative phase:

Give your patients gorgeous final restorations in either an analog or digital workflow


Keep these full arch cases healthy for years to come and grow your practice with this amazing treatment option

Who Else Wants to Impress Their Patients?

Marriott, Phoenix/Chandler

Come to Arizona where all doctors want to be in November. Enjoy the beautiful weather with a group of the most incredible people!

16 Hours of CE Credits

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